2013-2014 Booktrailers

Lights, Camera, Watch On!

Primary (Grades K-2) Books

Each Kindness (Simpson Street Free Press)

Intermediate (Grades 3-5) Books

Giants Beware! (Orchard Ridge Elementary School, Madison)
The One and Only Ivan (Whitehorse Middle School, Madison)
The Scary Places Map Book (Orchard Ridge Elementary School, Madison)
Unspoken (Orchard Ridge Elementary School, Madison)

Middle School Books

Fire in the Streets (Whitehorse Middle School, Madison)
Fire in the Streets (Simpson Street Free Press, Madison)
Friends with Boys (Simpson Street Free Press, Madison)
Outcasts United (Whitehorse Middle School, Madison)
See You at Harry’s (Whitehorse Middle School, Madison)
See You at Harry’s (Jack Young Middle School, Baraboo)
Unwind (Whitehorse Middle School, Madison)
Wonder (Whitehorse Middle School, Madison)
Wonder (Jack Young Middle School, Baraboo)

High School Books

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Simpson Street Free Press, Madison)
The Pregnancy Project (Simpson Street Free Press, Madison)


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